Createability Wisconsin

Changing Lives...One Film at a Time!

Our Mission:

To provide children, teens and adults with Autism or other disabilities with individualized instruction and hands-on experience in the Arts and Entertainment field.

Our History:

Camp Createability held it's first camp in October 2013.  We started in various donated locations in Sun Prairie and Madison, WI with only 12 individuals participating in our first program.  We have now grown into our own studio space in Monona, WI with more than 60 individuals participating in various programs.  In September 2018, we launched our new branding and Createability Wisconsin was born.

What We Offer:


What is Createability


Createability Wisconsin is a Video and Entertainment program for individuals with Autism or other disabilities.  Creating a film is a monumental effort for any group, but for those with Autism or other disabilities, vital skills must be mastered to succeed, including cooperation, negotiation, listening, and taking direction. Participants will learn those skills as well as be introduced to many trades, animation, set design, script-writing, acting, dancing, singing, prop/set building, ward-robe, make-up, budgeting, directing, filming, editing, and other tasks necessary for a film.