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Abilities First Film Festival

For the 3rd year Camp Createability presents the Abilities First Short Film Festival. We are looking for creative films that are about disability employment/culture or films on any subject that were produced, directed and/or written by people with disabilities.  We want to 'Focus on the Ability' of people with a disability and tell a story on film for the world to view.

Last year we were blown away by the awesome films that were entered.  The Abilities First Film Festival is for individuals of all ages and skill level.  Last years films were both educational and inspirational. Feedback from people who have viewed the films at the premiere tells us that these entries have the power to change attitudes and perceptions of individuals with disabilities.

Within the guidelines set forth, films must be a minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum of 6 minutes, excluding credits to be considered. Captions are encouraged to assist hearing impaired audiences, but not mandatory.

The entry form must be correctly completed and accompany your film.  Registrations are due by July 15, 2019 and your film must be submitted by August 5, 2019 and may not have been submitted to the Abilities First Film Festival in a prior year.  All entrants retain copyright to their films and can submit their films into other festivals.

Any type of video or film camera may be used. You may use as many cameras as you like. There is no limit.

Groups/teams are encouraged to work with a composer and/or musicians to write and record music for the film. Participating groups/teams may use pre-recorded music; however the participating group must have the rights to any music used in its film and must provide releases for all music used. As with music, pre-recorded sound effects are allowed, but you must have rights to use them also. These rules apply without regard to whether any music, song, or parody used arguably constitutes "fair use" under US or international copyright law. In otherwards, releases are needed for all pre-recorded music or sound effects.

The Festival reserves the right to verify student or disability status. They also reserve the right to exclude any entry they consider inappropriate. This may include any video/film that in Camp Createabilitys’ opinion contains racist, sexist, violent, discriminatory material or is otherwise likely to offend based on community standards.

Please review the above information carefully as submission fees will not be refunded simply because your film fails to meet the requirements or you do not get it in on time.

The Abilities First Film Festival does not require that your film be turned in with your initial registration as long as it is received/postmarked by August 5, 2019 and is accompanied by the required entry form and releases. That allows groups to take advantage of the early bird rates.

Each group/team should submit 2 USB Flash drives of their completed film or send via wetransfer.  It is preferable that they be submitted in high resolution, ideally an MP4 format. Quicktime files with no proprietary codecs attached are also acceptable. Please submit your film entry along with completed entry form and additional materials to Debbie Armstrong, Camp Createabilty, 2001 W. Broadway, Monona, WI 53713. The festival will also accept electronic submissions.  Please email your submission along with the completed entry form and additional materials to darmstrong.camp.createability@gmail.com. We recommend using www.wetransfer.com to send your films.

Entrants are responsible for their own transit insurance, postage and production costs. Please do not send flash drives in regular envelopes as they are at risk of being ripped during the mailing process. Please use padded envelopes or boxes for shipping. Confirmation of receipt of entry will be sent via email within a week of receipt.

Films meeting the entry requirements will be uploaded to the Abilities First YouTube Channel on August 15, 2019 and identified as entrants to the 2019 Abilities First Film Festival. At that time you can direct people to vote for your film by liking it. The film with the most likes will win audience favorite.

Online voting will commence August 15, 2019 and cease at midnight central time on September 5, 2019. An Awards and film Premier will be held late September 2019. A premiere of all of the films and award ceremony will be held late September in Madison, WI. This event is possible in part due to an Employment First Grant received from the Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities (BPDD).

Each group/team should establish a contact person. One person should be designated as the contact for each entry. The contact does not need to be the director but must be authorized to submit the work, supply information as described on the entry form, and speak on behalf of the submitted film. It is the responsibility of the entrants to inform the film festival of any changes to contact details. Please include a valid email address as most correspondence will be done via email.

No Entries (media or documents) will be returned. All Entries will become the property of Abilities First/Camp Createability. All entrants retain copyright of their films. All necessary rights and permissions for Festival exhibition are the responsibility of the film production.

Each entry grants Abilities First Film Festival and Camp Createability a non-exclusive, non-transferable, world-wide, royalty free license for 10 years commencing from the date of announcement of the winners, to use, publish and communicate their Films including online and as part of Camp Createability’s training resources for the sole purpose of promoting the Film Festival and/or Camp Createability and its programs. Any use beyond the Permitted Purpose requires written consent of the winner.

Camp Createability will attribute all Films wherever it uses the Films, in the following format:

Name of Film:

Year of Entry:

Name of Entrant:

Entrants are solely responsible for ensuring that all necessary copyright and other relevant rights and authorizations for their films have been obtained prior to submitting their entry. Abilities First Film Festival and Camp Createability take no responsibility for any failure by an entrant to obtain the necessary authorizations.

Initial entry fees and registration can be by submitting the form below and clicking the payment link.

Upon receipt of your registration and entry fee your film entry form and required release forms will be emailed to you. They must accompany your finished films.

Entry Fees:

Student Films                     $5

Regular Registration          $10


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