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Recreational/Day Programming

In our recreational/day programing, individuals will enjoy working in any artistic medium that they choose. Staff will teach new skills and let the individual guide us with where you would like to go with art. We will always look to challenge individuals with new skills and ideas to help increase your art success.

Our goal is to have you become as independent as possible.

What can you learn?

  • independence

  • daily living skills such as set up and clean up

  • increase communication skills

  • social interaction with other creative like minded individuals

  • teamwork

  • creative problem solving

All of our artists have the option to sell their work in our store and earn a bit of extra spending money.

As an individual gains independence and art skills they may choose to move into the vocational programing.  An individual who decides they want to do art as a business can change their course by setting up a team meeting to determine is this would be the best direction.


Createability Arts Program: Visual Arts

Our Visual Arts Program allows individuals of all abilities to participate in art projects in the studio or virtually as a recreational activity, transition education program, entrepreneur or vocational program.  All programming is designed specifically with the needs and goals of each individual person.  Students can sign up to work in the studio or virtually on a flexible schedule.  They are also able to exhibit their art for sale in our office and at various local fairs and festivals.  Programming and support can be covered by CLTS, IRIS, Family Care or Private Pay.  Short-term depending on situation DVR may also be able to help cover support costs.  Please contact us for more information.


Transition Programming

The transition program is designed for individuals ages 16+. Programming could be during the school year before the student graduates or for students enrolled in transition programs through their school district (those programs where the student has recently graduated and is in that 18-21 years).

This program is designed for the individual student or group of students to explore art as a potential day program or vocational program as they search for what will work for them as they move into adult life.

Artistic mentors will work with students individually to explore and develop their artistic skills in a direction the student desires. Artists will be challenged with new skills and ideas to help increase the individuals art success.

Teachers of transition programs should contact us to discuss scheduling and specific goals and needs of the individuals or group of students.

Vocational/Supported Employment

In our vocational/supported employment program, artistic mentors will guide individuals in your artistic skills to build a marketable product that has good craftsmanship and quality

A team meeting will be required to assess your needs for support services. Some questions to consider when heading into this track is:

  • Do I want to do this full time or part time?

  • Do I want to keep my current part time job and do my art on the side as a business?

  • Who do I have that is able to help support me with some aspects I need support with?

Createability WI staff is able to assist with many aspects of the business of art and will work with your team to make sure you have the needed supports that fit your goals and needs. 

Each individual is different in their approach and goals, but here are some of these supports that may be required:

  • transportation to art fairs

  • assistance during an art fair

  • business logo design

  • business money management

  • website development

  • business card design

  • marketing and social media help

  • photographing your original art and creating prints, notecards, products for sublimation process such as mugs, t-shirts and bags

  • potential outsourcing for other products

  • assistance with DVR process if your use their services for a business

  • application to exhibits or other venues to sell your work or enter in to a show/contest


Visual Art Workshops:

Visual Art Workshops are a great opportunity to learn about art and technology and to try a variety of classes that are offered at Createability Wisconsin. Students can participate in weekly in-person or virtual sessions to continue practicing their craft and learn additional skills along the way. While these workshops are fun, they are not a camp.

Visual Art Workshops are great for students who:

  • Are between the ages of 10 – 35
  • Learn effectively in a virtual workshop setting or !:1 in-person
  • Follow multi-step directions and work independently for a minimum of 15 minutes at a time
  • Verbally ask appropriate questions (i.e. for help, clarification)
  • Have an interest in art

Creative Designer Corner

The 6 week virtual program is for those designers who don’t feel comfortable getting in-person programming.  We also off this program in-person at the same time.

Students will learn how to create stunning digital design projects using Adobe products or iPad procreate. In this collaborative experience, students not only will learn how to use various programs, but they will also use skills that will increase their conversation and communication skills, make friendships, learn conflict resolution and most importantly, they will learn a sense of accomplishment. 

Choose the the day and time that best fits your needs.  If the listed schedule does not work for you the  program can also be individualized to meet students needs.

Cost: $300

November - December Class

Monday - 4:45 - 6 PM - Nov. 8th - Dec. 13 or

Wednesday - 4:45 - 6 PM - Nov. 10 - Dec. 15

Private Lessons

One-on-one instruction provides the individual a uniquely effective way of learning, because the instructor is able to demonstrate concepts and help participants build new skills in a step-by-step manner. We strive to provide quality instruction tailored to individuals of all ages and skill levels.

Everyone is capable of drawing and painting when given actual step-by-step instructions.  Anyone can improve their skills in a short amount of time with individual instruction.  We are able to move as fast or slow as each individual needs.

Private lessons start at 1 hour and can be longer if desired.  There are no contracts.

Cost:  $85/hr. includes supplies