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Createability Film Workshops and Camps

Camp Createability's Camps and Workshops are for individuals with Autism or other disabilities.  We also encourage others without disabilities to join us for an inclusive setting. All camps end in making a short film, with film credits for everyone involved. Creating a film is a monumental effort for any group, but for those with Autism or other disabilities, vital skills must be mastered to succeed, including cooperation, negotiation, listening, and taking direction. Participants will learn those skills as well as be introduced to many trades, animation, set design, script-writing, acting, dancing, singing, prop/set building, ward-robe, make-up, budgeting, directing, filming, editing, and other tasks necessary for a film.

All workshops and summer camps are open to Ages 7 - Adult.  Our Adult Full-Day camp is for anyone age 16 years and older.  An awards ceremony and Red Carpet Premier for all programs is held in the August. This showing is open to families, friends, and the public.

Employable Skills Program

The Employable Skills Program is for young adults ages 16 and up.  It is a three semester program that can be repeated as often as desired.  It will empower adults with ASD or other developmental disabilities to develop the skills necessary for employment in the film/media entertainment industry. Using film and digital technology, participants will learn the art of filmmaking by working on a professional short film in both the studio and on-location environments. Information is conveyed in an "edutainment" format, meaning that learning is very hands-on and interactive.

Participants in our Employable Skills Program learn lighting techniques, camera skills, set design, directing, acting, script writing, editing, team work, collaboration, communication skills, punctuality, personal hygiene, work place social skills, conflict management and more.  Participants learn the technical and soft skills through hands-on experiences focused on gaining entry level employment in the film/video industry.

Employable Skills Program Dates:

The Employable Skills Program has 3 semesters.

The Spring Semester is currently in session.

Cost: $300/semester

The Magic of Film

Learn techniques that creative professionals use to create effects and graphics for movies, television, and social media—using Adobe After Effects and or Premiere students will learn how to create and edit their own shorts with amazing graphics and cool effects.

Sound Design

Master sound design for music production, game audio development, film scoring, composition and more.


A fun beginners digital photo course for kids using a digital camera, phone, or tablet to create amazing photos.

Behind the scenes of film camp
Noah Working on Computer

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