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Meet The Team!

Administrative Team Members

Masters of Creativity & Innovative Programming

Debbie Armstrong

Founder & Director

Debbie Armstrong, Founder and Director of Createability Wisconsin, was an educator for over 15 years and has been working with children with disabilities over the past 34 years.  Besides teaching in both regular and special education programs, Debbie has worked alongside children and adults with Autism in intensive in-home programs and has also educated the community about people with disabilities.  She has provided education and training for child care centers, school districts, and parent groups.  Her diverse experience in working with children and adults with disabilities and special health care needs and their families helps her to create programs and treatment options that are creative and practical!

Tiffany Yapp

Multimedia Journalist & Videographer

Tiffany is a Multimedia journalist and Videographer.  Tiffany has 3 years experience as television producer for ABC’s local station WKOW 27.  She graduated from UW Oshkosh with a BS in Radio, TV, Film and Journalism and worked in both the local radio and tv station during her time at Oshkosh. After graduation she was a TV producer and the Director of Operations where she produced teaching videos for a financial management company. Besides her multimedia talents she has worked with children with Autism in intensive in-home programs. Tiffany’s skills in Film and knowledge of TV and working with individuals with Autism are invaluable to what she has to offer to Createability Wisconsin.

Justin Yapp

Entrepreneur & Master Storyteller

Justin is a freelance Videographer.  He is the owner of Yappography and Founder/Co-Owner of Shoreline Inclusive Camping.  He is also an entrepreneur and master storyteller who’s fantastic editing skills together with his creativity provides an incredible final product for his clients. His out of the box thinking helps clients create extremely unique and effective videos that help them reach their goals. He is a fervent outdoor enthusiast who is always looking for his next adventure whether for business, fun or for film.  Justin brings a wealth of skills and knowledge to Createability Wisconsin and is a great asset to the team.

Support Staff

Masters of providing creative programming to our clients & Supporting our vision.

Becky Cockrum

Office Assistant

Becky is an office assistant who will be planning Createability events and helping out around the office. 

Krystal Bower

Job Coach

Krystal has been working with Createability Wisconsin for 7 years now. She started as a volunteer, and now she is a Job Coach for our students. She has worked with adults and children with disabilities for more than 10 years.

Conor Tazewell

Film Development Mentor

Conor is an experienced cinematographer who has a passion for educating others on filming processes. 

Margo Skolaski

Art Mentor

Margo is a student at Edgewood College studying Art Therapy with a Theatre Minor. She is excited to be working in her chosen field. 

Support Staff

Masters of providing creative programming to our clients & Supporting our vision.

Spencer Jordan

Digital Art Mentor 

Spencer is a recent graduate from UW Madison. He was hired on after his internship at Createability and he is a digital art mentor. 

Tyler Gollakner

Film Development Mentor

Tyler brings over 5 years of experience in both autism health and digital media. 

Alicia Picard

Graphic Design/Marketing

Alicia is a recent graduate from Edgewood College with a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and Photography.

George Keenan

Social Media
George is a recent Communications graduate from Edgewood College. He is excited to be helping with social media!

Support Staff and Interns

Masters of providing creative programming to our clients & Supporting our vision.

Walter Trush

Animation/Art Mentor

Walter is an art mentor that specializes in animation and design. He has lots of experience in the field and brings many assets to the team.

Hannah Summers

Graphic Design/Marketing Intern

Hannah is a Graphic Designer and a senior from Edgewood College.  She has strong knowledge regarding the Adobe Suite and social media marketing.

Open Position

Non-Profit Management/Event
Coordinator Intern

Open Position

Film & Digital Media Intern

Vocational Employees

Employees who create art, convert photos and videos into customer satisfaction


Digital Media Specialist & Artist

Dylan has been a member of our team for 3 years and has been attending Camp Createability for 8 years. He loves all things Disney and hopes to be co-CEO of Disney someday. 


Office Assistant & Film Student

Trent is gaining confidence in the subjects of writing scripts and acting. He is having lots of fun learning new skills.  He is also assisting us in the office 1 day a week.

Open Position

Open Position

Vocational Training Students

Students learning skills to prepare themselves for future careers in the entertainment and art fields


Digital Media Student

Noah's dream is to become an animator some day. He is working hard to create our Creative Corner series.


Digital Media Student

John's dream is to become an animator. He has great drawing skills and is interested in furthering his skills in animation.


Animation Student

Shelby is a self-taught artist who is interested in learning more about animation.


Digital Art Student

Derek is a painter and wants to get into graphic design some day.  He loves to draw, paint and design.


Film Student

Tyler is a film student who loves to be creative and make his own movies.

Vocational Training Students

Students learning skills to prepare themselves for future careers in the entertainment and art fields  


Stop Motion Student

Max enjoys making stop motion videos with his pop figurines.


Art Student

Kaylanni loves art and is working on increasing her skill level to be able to sell her artwork.


Film Student

Darick loves to write and is a great storyteller.  He is working on his film  and script writing skills.  


Film Student

Elliot enjoys music and focuses on sound affects. He is working on photoshop color corrections and video edits.


Film Student

Logan is working on developing his film editing skills and is excited to get the opportunity to work at the new production studio!

Individualized/Virtual Students

Students learning skills to prepare themselves for future careers in the entertainment and art fields


Art Student

Ellise is working on developing her art skills and is excited to get to explore many different modalities of art.


Art Student

Bhaavika is a virtual student working on art skills. She is learning lots about drawing and painting techniques.


Digital Art Student

Kapil is a virtual student working on digital art skills primarily in photoshop.


Digital Media Student

Drew is a virtual student working on editing skills to gain knowledge and skills to use on his youtube channel.


Digital Art Student

Nick is working on growing his digital art skills primarily in photoshop.